iRPub is focused on helping publicly traded companies substantially increase their market awareness across our highly engaged network of over six million investors.


Our engagement rates are extremely high because we deliver top quality content to an active audience of over 6 million investors.


Through lead generation, multiple touchpoints and follow up newsletters, we are able to provide 3-4x the typical reach of a traditional campaign


Our varied content formats give us more opportunities to create unique, innovative promotional formats - everything from custom autoresponder series, interactive eBooks, digital newsletters, and more.

Case Study

Create an acquisition funnel for companies to build an investor audience, spread awareness of their story and effectively support the capital formation process.

We create extraordinary marketing and advertising campaigns that garner mass exposure and results.

The investor marketing funnel creation proposal allows publicly traded companies the opportunity to leverage our core expertise to create a powerful new custom marketing ad campaign.

With this approach, we'll focus on sending all the traffic directly to your corporate investors presentation page to generate the maximum market awareness.

With the prospect warmed up via your content in the eBook, there is significantly higher engagement than stand alone traditional campaigns.

The Fun Stuff!

Here is a recent example of one of our custom Investor Awareness campaigns with a sponsored eBook that ran for approximately 6 weeks